Pixie’s Bows Fashionable Friends – Ella May, Dublin Ireland

It’s time for another Fashionable Friend profile! I get so excited hearing all about Pixie’s Bows fans in different countries, and my next new friend is a real little trendsetter all the way from Ireland.

Ella May is 5 and a half and lives in Dublin. Ella May told me that Ireland is such a tiny country you can hardly see it on the map! Ella May is an only child but she asks her mummy all the time to have a baby sister, as she would love to help feed her.

Ella May has had her Instagram for 2 years, where she loves to share her amazing ensembles with the help of her Mum. Her favourite outfit is her pink tutu, but often it’s too cold in Ireland to wear it. Ella May’s favourite Pixie’s Bow is the Medium bow in Cotton Candy Polka Dot – I love love love the way she paired this bow with those amazing pink boots!

Ella May’s favourite activities include riding her new bike which she got for her birthday, dressing up (and trying to wear her Mum’s high heels – something I love to do as well when Mumager isn’t watching!). Ella May also LOVES painting and drawing pictures. At school her favourite subjects include arts & crafts as well as learning her native language, Irish!

Ella May told me ‘Is breá liom tu Pixie’ which means ‘I love you Pixie’ in Irish – how special is that!? Thank you so much for taking part of my Fashionable Friends Ella May!

Lots of love,

Pixie x

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