Box for Monkeys

I’m always on the look out for new and creative ways to keep Hunter and myself entertained on days we spend at home. Especially something to keep the parents happy as it’s not just fun but educational too!

Well I think I found the perfect solution – Box for Monkeys.

Box for Monkeys is a monthly subscription service that deliver fun-filled activity boxes to your door once a month (you can buy individual boxes as a one-off as well). Each box is created around a theme and is designed for boys and girls aged between 3-7. Mind you, Hunty isn’t quite 2 and he had a blast with his!

The boxes have books and activities to create, play, make, read, explore, cook + try and music. There’s enough to keep you going for hours!! I think they would also be handy for holidays, especially on a rainy day.

While these are tonnes of fun, your Mum and Dad will be happy to know they’ve been put together by educators and creative parents that specialise in making great products for kids. Best of all your Mum and Dad don’t have to be crafty or creative themselves to help you out – thank goodness for that I say!

Be sure to check them out via their website!

Love Pixie xx






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