Online shopping fun!

You know how sometimes a long weekend is just a little too long? I mean, you have to spend all that extra time with family members who are normally at work all week? Well that was exactly the predicament Hunty and I found ourselves in over the Easter Break.

So we thought what better way to escape the ‘ol bag for a few hours than by nipping off under the guise of having an ‘afternoon nap’ whilst actually doing a spot of online shopping?!

In a short space of time we managed to purchase just about the whole store kids selection – giving you know who’s credit card a good workout in the process!

Our haul arrived yesterday. It was a total blast trying on all our new styles while Mum was at work! I made sure I did my big sister duties by ensuring Hunty’s shoes were the perfect fit. After all, it’s very important to get the right size for little feet.

All in all a very successful online shop!

Love Pixie xx

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