Kid’s Cooking Class @ The Woollahra Hotel!

Being school holidays, I’m always looking for exciting new things to try. And given the culinary history in my family, or lack there of, I always figure it’s a wise idea to learn how to cook at any chance I get!

Today I ventured off to The Woollahra Hotel to participate in their special kid’s cooking class, part of their school holiday program.

We didn’t waste a moment getting our hands dirty, there was a lot to cook! We made Moncur Madeleines, Woollahra Classic Pizza and Chocolate truffles. Under the expert guidance of Executive Chef Ben Varela our class learnt all the essentials we need for making delicious madeleines, tasty pizza and yummy truffles – what kid wouldn’t want to know how to cook these?!

The best part was we all got to be very hands-on, decorating our pizza and cakes just the way we like them. Loaded with toppings! The end results were scrumptious!

At the end of class, as well as getting take home our freshly made goodies, we were also presented with a certificate. Guess there is no chance I’ll be avoiding family cooking duties now!

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