Pixie’s Bows X Elevit

Yesterday Pixie’s Bows was delighted to support a wonderful event for a brand new Elevit multivitamin for new mums.

As a big sister, I can fully appreciate how tiring having a new baby in the house can be! So I understand why having a special vitamin to make sure mums are looking after themselves and their baby is very important!

To celebrate the launch of Elevit Breastfeeding, Elevit hosted a beautiful morning tea complete with gift bags for all the mums that attended. The gift bags contained lots of beautiful goodies for new mums and babies, including Pixie’s Bows.

Guests were asked to create a flat lay for a competition using their favourite gifts and Pixie’s Bows was a popular choice! Thank you so much to Elevit for choosing Pixie’s Bows and for everyone who used bows in their post – some truly stunning shots!

Elevit Breastfeeding is available now in pharmacies – be sure to let your Mum know!

Love Pixie xx


Elevit_BreastfeedingLaunch_4.5.16-HighRes-27 Elevit_BreastfeedingLaunch_4.5.16-HighRes-64 Elevit_BreastfeedingLaunch_4.5.16-HighRes-21 Elevit_BreastfeedingLaunch_4.5.16-HighRes-254 Elevit_BreastfeedingLaunch_4.5.16-HighRes-60 Elevit_BreastfeedingLaunch_4.5.16-HighRes-161

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