Top 10 Tips For Choosing Your Bridal Accessories


The right bridal accessories are essential to completing the look of your wedding. The right accessories will enhance your outfit and reflect your personality, whether you choose a modern, traditional or eclectic look. This comprehensive guide will help you select your bridal accessories.

1. Dress up in style

The wedding dress is the basis for choosing your accessories. Take into account the neckline, overall style, and silhouette. Bold accessories can be used on a minimalist dress, whereas a dress with a lot of embellishment may need more subtle accents.

2. Match metals

If your engagement ring is platinum, choose silver or white gold accessories. Choose accessories in silver or white-gold if your engagement ring has a platinum finish. Choose accessories in rose or yellow gold for gold rings. The consistency of metal tones gives a polished and cohesive look.

3. Consider your hairstyle

The type of hair accessories you choose will depend on your hairstyle. Consider hairpins or combs for up dos. When wearing your hair down choose delicate pins or an elegant tiara. Consult your hairstylist to find out what will work best for your chosen style.

4. Think about your veil

Coordinate your veil with your accessories if you wear one. Simple veils pair well with extravagant accessories. A veil that is heavily embellished may require understated jewelry. Make sure that your accessories are complementary to your veil, and not competing for attention.

5. Consider your neckline

The neckline on your dress will influence the type of necklace that you wear. A statement pendant or necklace can be worn with a strapless gown to draw attention to the neckline. Consider a delicate pendant or skipping the necklace if your dress features a high-neckline or intricate details.

6. Balance is the key

When selecting accessories, aim for balance. To avoid an overpowering look, choose simpler accessories if your dress has a lot of embellishments. If your dress is more understated, add statement pieces such as chandelier earrings or a bold bracelet to your outfit.

7. Integrate something meaningful

Add meaningful accessories to your outfits to give it a sentimental touch. It could be a family heirloom, a hairpin or charm bracelet that has symbolic charms. These little personal touches make your bridal outfit unique.

8. Don’t forget comfort

When choosing accessories, comfort should always come first. Wearing them for a long time is a good idea, so make sure they aren’t too heavy. Avoid discomfort by choosing lightweight earrings, comfortable footwear, and well-fitted hats.

9. Consider your wedding theme

Your wedding theme should guide your choice of accessories. Consider antique jewelry or art-deco accessories for a vintage wedding. If you’re planning a beach wedding then opt for pieces with a bohemian, tropical or exotic feel. Accessories should be chosen to complement your wedding’s overall theme.

10. Professional advice and trial runs

Test out your accessories with your outfit and hairstyle. You can evaluate the final result by taking photos from various angles. You can also seek the advice of bridal stylists and consultants, who will provide you with valuable insight and help make informed decisions.

Choosing bridal accessories can be a fun part of your wedding planning, as it allows you to enhance your bridal ensemble and express your style. You can select accessories that will enhance your look by considering your dress, hairstyle and metals.

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