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When it comes to fast action play, it’s got to be Nerf or Nothin’! 

It’s no secret that we L.O.V.E anything cute, cuddly, collectable, crafty or fidgety, but we’re also mad for any toy that encourages active, imaginative play. And what could be more active than racing, jumping, hiding and aiming as you fire the famous, play-safe foam darts with your Nerf gun?! 

Here at Pixies Pix, you’ll find a selection of the latest Nerf guns and blasters ready to inspire hours of heart-pumping adventure, tactical strategy and entertainment for all ages. For over 50 years, Nerf has powered backyard battles and loungeroom stakeouts, guaranteed to wear you and the kids out while you’re having a whole lot of fun!

While it’s now a household name, Nerf had humble beginnings as the world’s first indoor-safe ball. It quickly became one of the most popular toys of all time and soon the Nerf range expanded to include ball-blasters and water guns. Today, Nerf offers a world of options for the adventure-seeker, including collaborations with popular brands such as Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, Halo & Star Wars.

The Nerf X Roblox collection has been among the most popular recent releases, capturing the thrill of the Roblox gaming platform with retro-themed blasters.

For the ultimate test of nerve and teamwork, why not bring the virtual Roblox experiences to life with your friends? Nothing can beat the adrenalin rush of an IRL battle!

If you’re a serious Nerf-play enthusiast, you’ll love the Nerf Elite 2.0 range that are ready for you to flip into battle with their unique double barrel design. Feautring a 32 dart capacity, you’re ensured plenty of play-time.

Or, if you’re keen to showcase your Nerf-blasting precision, the Nerf Ultra Select Blaster could be more your style. This fully-motorised blaster comes with two types of darts - one made for speed and the other for accuracy - perfect for high-speed battles or going head-to-head with your mates to see who’s got all the skills!

Action-ready, fun and safe, Nerf guns are truly dynamic toys - there are just so many ways to play with Nerf!

  •  Test your aim and patience with a DYI Nerf target.
  • Get creative and make a Nerf obstacle course or maze in your garden using cardboard boxes, tunnels and climbing frames. 
  • Take hide-n-seek to the next level with Nerf - play in teams and use your Nerf to tag anyone you find!
  • Or, why not go all-out with a Nerf-themed Birthday Party!?

There’s a good reason Nerf has become one of the most popular toys of all time…
Add Nerf guns to any BBQ, sleepover or playdate and you’re guaranteed to see boys and girls, kids and adults alike having an absolute blast!

So what are you waiting for? It’s your turn to dive into the action, test your skill, create a game plan and have a blastastic time with Nerf.

Explore our latest selection of Nerf Guns and Blasters here at Pixie’s Pix and get ready to load, aim and play!