Our Grenade reusable water balloons are environmentally friendly, leak-proof made of soft silicone with an automatic closure and splash open on contact, so no pain! Great for water activities in the backyard, perfect pool toys and awesome for a day at the beach.

6 x Grenade Water Balloons per pack 

  • Open the water balloons and put it into the water, it will automatically close after absorbing water. It only takes a few seconds to close. After waiting for the water balls to close, you can throw it directly.
  • Unlike the traditional disposable water balloons, they can be reused without polluting the environment. These Water bombs can be stored after use and used over and over.
  • The water balloons are made of silicone, so they are soft. They will not hurt children during play.
  • Each set comes with six balls in a multitude of colours.
  • The water balloons are great for outdoor activities in kindergarten schools, parent-child activities, family activities, travel beach toys, pool water balloons, beach water polo, adult pool party gifts.