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If you’re looking for the most collectible, addictive and satisfying slime available online in Australia,  you’re in for a slimetastic treat. At Pixies Pix, we stock a colourful array of unique and delightful slimes to satisfy all your slime-play cravings from some of the most sort after slime brands including Kawaii Slime, Dopeslimes and Poopsie Slime. 

We are constantly on the lookout for the latest slime sensations from around the world, with new stock dropping regularly. Truth be told, we’re as obsessed with slime as you are! You only need to mention the words “new slime drop” at Pixie’s Pix HQ  and you’ll hear squeals of delight echo through the warehouse. 

Yep, we are slime-lovers and proud of it.

In fact, we’re so obsessed with slime that we hand-test all of our slimes to make sure they pass the squishy, fun and super-satisfying test. We’re committed to making sure that your slime experience is memorable for all the right reasons. Unlike that ah, sticky, messy DIY homemade batch of slime that ended up in the bin quicker than you can say Pinterest fail. 

So, let’s skip to the good part, shall we? 

Which is the kind of slime on TikTok videos that leave you mesmerised for hours! Tell us we’re not the only ones who’ve spent a little too much time watching other people play with slime in those incredibly relaxing and addictive videos?

Not just us? Ah, we knew we loved you for a reason!

Well after watching all those slime TikToks, you’ll no doubt want to get your hands on some slime! 

At Pixie’s Pix, we offer every type of slime texture you can imagine, from oooey gooey slime, fluffy slime, cloudy slime, foam slime, sizzly slime, cake batter slime or unique slime textures like the Kawaii Slime Ice Cream Pints.

If you want to elevate your slime experience, we also have slime with charms, sprinkles, glitter, pearls and more, as well as slime kits so you can create your own custom slime at home the right way.

Now, in case you’re wondering if our slimes smell good - the simple answer is, yes!. Like, soooo good you’ll want to eat them good (but please don’t!)  And naturally, our slimes are of the highest quality to ensure hours of play. 

Best of all, slime is actually good for you!

Yes, truly!

You know that slime is super duper fun to play with. But did you know that there are actually a whole heap of other benefits that come from a good slime-play session? We all spend a lot of time on our screens - whether for work or play - and hey, we’re not here to judge! But, we aren’t getting as much sensory and tactile play as we need. Our brains crave new sensations and textures. 

That’s why we find slime so satisfying.  Plus, it gives us something to do, with our hands, without really having to focus - making slime a fabulous mindfulness tool for kids and adults alike!

So what are you waiting for?

Get on board with the sensory sensation that’s going nowhere fast. 

Scoop it, stretch it, roll it, knead it, squish it, smell it, collect it and start exploring our slime collection!