How To Wear Accessories Our Best Tips For Women


Accessories are the best friend of a woman. Wearing accessories can give you a stylish appearance and show that you have put extra effort into your outfit.

Wearing accessories that reflect your personality and taste makes you happy. This is a great way to achieve a more elevated look and it is cheap.

The last time we started our journey to a better style for everyday life with three principles of style. We are taking action today! Today we will be discussing the topic of accessories to style and complete your look.

Express your own style with

Accessories have the ability to transform an outfit while also expressing your personality.

Before diving into the categories of accessories, consider the following tips for how to accessorize correctly:

Tip #1: Consider proportion

Balance is key. Even with accessories you should consider proportions. You should avoid wearing too many large pieces if you are petite and wish to appear taller.

Make sure your accessories are balanced. If you wear large earrings, for example, it may be best to avoid overdoing your accessories. As a rule, you should stick to 1-2 statement pieces.

Tip #2: Stay with a theme

You can choose to follow a ‘theme” to make your outfit look harmonious instead of distracting. It could be something as simple as “Blue”, or as complex as “Marilyn Monroe Inspired” or “Surfer Girl”. What you decide or how you interpret a look doesn’t matter. The important thing is that your accessories look balanced and complement each other. You can have more fun getting ready by thinking about the style you want to achieve.

Tip #3: Color is important

Style experts advise us to wear no more than 3-4 colors. This principle is still important, even though accessories tend to be more subtle. Some possibilities include:

  1. Wearing accessories that match the colors in your outfit: A blue bracelet with a skirt with a pattern that is blue.
  2. Play up an outfit with accessories in a bright color: Think about a dress in black with red earrings or red heels.
  3. Only buying ‘gold or silver’: It’s a safe bet! You can determine your skin tone by comparing the two!

Ladies Watches

We couldn’t help but start with something that is close to our hearts

Women’s watches come in all shapes and sizes. They can be elegant, classy or fun, bold and sparkly, minimalistic or even sparkling.

There are more blogs on the subject of how to select your perfect watch. Here are a few questions to start.

  • What do you think of when you imagine your ideal watch?
  • What occasions would you wear this watch for?
  • What colour, style and feel of watch best suits your current style?


Layered necklaces are a trend that we love! To layer necklaces correctly, go from a short/very short necklace to a longer/very long one. The longest necklace should be the ‘heavier necklace’, such as one with a beautiful chain. The shorter necklaces should be delicate.

It also depends on your neckline to determine which necklace is best for you. For example, a sweetheart-shaped neckline will look great with pendants or beads that are curved. A V-shaped neckline, on the other hand, would be better suited to more pendants in V-shapes.

Bracelets & Rings

Combining bracelets looks great. Mixing and matching colors and materials is a great way to create a beautiful bracelet stack. You can easily add color to your outfit with the blue-as -the-sea bracelet collection or keep it classy by wearing a pearly or gold/silver bracelet.

Rings definitely beautify your hands. You can mix and match, experiment with bolder pieces or keep it simple. A high-quality, timeless ring can be worn for many years. Keep your nails beautiful and well-groomed.


Matching your bag to your shoes is a great tip when it comes to shopping for bags. This can be done in terms both of color (make it the exact same color or that they go well together – no reddish orange with yellow orange, please!) and material. Leather, suede and shiny/matte materials are all examples of what you can use.

You can also combine your bag and accessories such as bracelets or earring. A black dress can be paired with red earrings, and a red clutch. Wonderful. You can also choose a minimalistic handbag with a gold/silver strap that perfectly matches your necklace.


It’s easy to look more stylish by wearing earrings. You can choose from simple earrings like a pair or small buttons or more elaborate ones such as dream catchers, stars and moons, or silver earrings. You can dress up in a fun and inexpensive way by wearing earrings. Try out different styles to see which one suits you and your features. You may find that larger earrings are a bit too much for you. Instead, you might want to choose a smaller size.

The keys to accessories are:

  • Balance and proportion
  • Try out different styles and see what you like.
  • Matching accessories according to color/material
  • Think about the occasion
  • Your personal preferences
  • We passionate about beautiful women’s accessories. Watches are our specialty. There are many beautiful ladies’ watches to choose from! There are many different styles of ladies watches, from elegant and delicate to colorful and sporty.

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