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The Alphabet Pop It set is a fantastic resource to add to your home or classroom to engage children in literacy concepts through a hands-on, tactile experiences. The Alphabet Pop It set can be used in a variety of different ways to incorporate the fine motor skills and sensory needs of the child.

  • Fantastic sensory tool to introduce to your sensory box
  • The tactile sensation gives great feedback to assist with emotional regulation
  • The resource can be used as a fidget tool to assist with concentration
  • Can be used to teach writing direction by pushing down the bubbles in the direction that the letter is written
  • Great option for pre-writers who are exploring their knowledge of letter recognition
  • Can be used to form various words or to practice sequencing in alphabetical order
  • Great for learners to learn upper-case letter formation in a hands on way.

Set includes letters A-Z in a range of colours.