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Play ball inside the house without breaking anything!

A rainy day, freezing temps, and blustery winds might keep you from getting outside, but there's no reason bad weather should keep you from playing ball. Ollyball is made for indoor play, so you can bump, kick, and spike it to your heart's content without fear of breaking a window (or pretty much anything else in the house). 

Even though it's incredibly lightweight, this ball acts a lot like the kind you use on the playground. The outer shell is made from high-performance kite material while the inside has an expanding balloon-like core. The result is a super sphere that gives you the kind of bounce you'd expect from something like a volleyball with the same level of danger as something like a balloon.

The next time you're stuck inside, grab an Ollyball and game on!

  • Indoor play ball
  • Patented design uses KrunchKor technology
  • Inflates with included straw and your own breath
  • Inflated diameter: 30.5 cm
  • Inflated weight: 26 g
  • Colour on the surface with markers, crayon, or paint (not included)
  • Outer shell is water-resistant and tear-resistant