Jurassic World fans will love their very own Jurassic World 4x4 ride-on! Jump in and get moving in many exciting dinosaur adventures! Featuring a rechargeable 12 volt battery, one speed forward and reverse function and cool Dinosaur graphics. This 2 seater ride-on has a maximum speed of 8 kms per hour, can seat up to 30 kgs and is recommended for ages 3+.

  • Unit size: 112cm x 75cm x 67cm
  • Reverse and Forward Function
  • 12 Volt Battery with Charger included
  • 2 Seater
    Note: Adult Assembly required. Child should only operate under adult supervision. Do not use on public roads, sloped driveways, swimming pools or near other vehicles. Do not use on gravel use only on smooth surfaces. Do not use at night or in wet weather. Always wear a helmet & protective clothing when operating.